For Sale 1976 (11/75) Philly PA not mine

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United States
Went to see this rig today. Interesting story but decided to pass.
Too many red flags. Very curious if anyone recognizes it.
Lol. Yeah, non-cruiser seller. It's a 4 spd. Interior, seats, dash, and original mats looked great. Headliner looked good as well. Rhino lined tub peeling away. Was close enough so took the drive to explore. Unfortunately, these folks do a few quick searches on the web, see the asking prices of a properly restored truck and think theirs demands a high figure too.
Did you get a chance to drive this? How was the frame? Looks like some rust in the usual spots creeping thru in some spots based on the photos. How was it mechanically?
That is my neck of the woods. I believe that was in a town over from Broomall (Springfield) for years. It was parked outside on the street for at least 5-6 years that I can remember. My buddy was trying to purchase it (when it was a $5k cruiser) but the owner wouldn't even consider it. I'm pretty sure it's the same one. It was original, but rough. Definitely not worth the asking price (again, if it is the same one). Not too many Land Cruiser's around here. Especially ones that are left out on the street for an extended period of time. My '73 project is parked in my dad's driveway now and he has someone knock at the door asking about it at least once a month. He lives on a quiet cul-de-sac.
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