For Sale 1975 FJ40 Colorado Springs

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United States
FOR SALE: 1975 FJ40

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Description: Red 1975 FJ40 with 2F engine and 4 spd. Mostly stock, except the front seats are out of a Mitsubishi Montero (driver seat has independent suspension), replaced the gauges with autometer but I have the original gauges/dash and aftermarket A/C unit. I've owned this Cruiser for about 15 years, bought it when I was living in El Salvador, and had it restored at the time. It was stripped down to the frame, all rust was replace with new metal and repainted. I searched junkyards throughout Honduras/Guatemala and Salvador for replacement parts, those I couldn't find I had shipped from the States (if the part could fit inside APO box). Great vehicle, after restoration, I drove it from Salvador to Cancun, Mexico; than I spent a year plus exploring Guatemala. Unfortunately, my job sent me to Germany for five years, so I had it shipped to my parents house in Ohio, where it sat in the driveway until I returned to the States. I live now in Colorado and the FJ40 is currently titled in Colorado. I'm selling for I have two young daughters and its not the best vehicle for transporting kids (no seat-belts in the rears seats); it currently sits inside my garage, I take it out maybe once a month during the warmer months.

Price: $11,000

Known Problems: This vehicle has mostly sat for the past 10 plus years, most rubber/gaskets should be replaced. The rain gutter is rusted and need to be replaced but I've left the Cruiser outside a few times this summer and it doesn't leak. Some of the paint is bubbling, 15 years, it still looks good. Since this is a Central America Cruiser, it has no heater or smog pump. I don't have emission testing so its not an issue for me. No power steering or power brakes but the motor is strong and starts right up every time.





Do you have a photo of the VIN plate? A friend of mine in Maryland may be contacting you.
Would it be possible to take a good photo of the frame vin in that case. For what it is worth all FJ40s had a vin plate in addition to the frame stamp.
It is very common for the data plate to only show frame number and or motor number on Latin American trucks, in other words, no build codes, paint or option codes to decipher...I have inspected hundreds between Nicaragua, Costa and Colombia
Attached is image of the chassis number, which was good enough to get the truck titled in Virginia and now Colorado. If you curious about the color codes, originally the truck was a light blue, discovered it when it was stripped down. When I bought the truck it was red, so it was registered as red, to change the color would have involved changing the registration which is something I didn't want to do.

Is this a solid truck would you consider 10,000?

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