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For sale: 1974 Vintage Honda Scrambler Motorcycle.
Strong runner, all electrical works, have key and title, was registered until this month. Selling to buy fj40 parts.

This motorcycle was only made for 2 years. The Honda CL is a rare bike because of how short the production run was. The classic CB360 was made fr a much longer period of time. If you are shopping around for a rare bike, be careful of those who have taken a CB360 frame and mounted scrabmler pipes on it to pass it off as a cheaper immitation of the CL. This bike has the CL360 vin number on the frame. Since engine numbers were not matched to the frame at this time, there is no loss in value by having a replacement engne on the CL frame. The Honda CL engine was recalled in the late 70's. This bike has had the cl engine replaced with the cb engine. (see photo of engine number showing CB) The carbs were replaced whe engine was repalced. Same 360cc's - just more reliable. Bike runs great, and has new tires.

email is best -

$1100 in Fort Worth, TX


1974 Honda CL 360


Feb 8, 2007
Northeast Georgia (Habersham)
Man for $1100 if I were closer I'd pick it up. I am looking for a dual sport in Georgia. I'm sure a little more aggressive tires and I could ride it down my father's mile long dirt road. Good luck!

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