For Sale 1974 FJ40, Original, Unrestored, Many Options, Nearly Complete

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I need to raise some quick cash for my business, and this is sort of the nuclear option... I'm trading my 40 down for something less expensive and putting the cash delta into the company.

1974 (11/73) FJ40. Unrestored, unmolested, pretty damn complete. If you've ever had to deal with someone else's "restoration", you know haw nice it is to have one that's honest. It's my daily driver (and only vehicle in the state), so you can feel pretty good about it's ability to start, run, drive, and stop every time without drama. Every button, knob, switch, etc. does what it did when it left the showroom.

It has the original 1.5F engine (never opened), original cold air intake, head rests, AM radio, and rear heater. The original wheels are present, but it's currently on some aftermarket wheels. It looks as if the hard top has never been off the truck as well.

5K miles ago:
-A full tune up including very precise jetting with a wideband at 6k'. I get 15mpg and cruise 80. I passed emissions with only ~1% allowable HC (not just under the wire, the wire was a long way off in the distance)
-Axles were rebuilt
-new or rebuilt radiator (not sure which, PO did it)
-gas tank professionally cleaned and lined
-brand new Cooper studded snow tires
-all fluids replaced stem to stern save the clutch fluid (forgot and never got back around to it)
-new GR starter
-new battery
-rebuilt brake booster
-pertronix ignition and coil (originals on hand)
-new 3-point retractable seat belts in front, new two-point lap belts in rear
-new windshield and seal
-new SOR rubber floor mats

Other positive things:
-comes with a box of extra parts and pieces, an extra set of stock seats, an extra set of wheels, and all the manuals
-compression on cylinders 1-6: 116, 116, 109, 105, 106, 116

Full disclosure:
-it has rust in the rear sill, corners, rockers below the doors, running board supports, rear wheel wells/roll bar mounts, and front fenders at the support brackets. That's it. PO put some filler in/on said rust, but it'll blast out easily if restoration is the plan (as it should be). It was far and away the best truck for rust (hidden or otherwise) when I was shopping around looking for the perfect 40, but they weren't design with the best rust prevention practices in mind...
-it's missing the Land Cruiser scripts and hubcaps (both available from Toyota)
-light dash pad cracking on upper pad, I checked with Stevinson and there are a dozen and a half or so still in existence at the Toyota warehouse
-the front seat covers were replaced with some extremely high quality custom ones... They're gray and for the longest time I was trying to figure out what they were from because they look and feel like factory, but from another car. I even got a second set of seats to restore and replace them because I thought they weren't original. They're really high quality covers.
-the PO replaced the battery tray with a diamond plate job
-the PO put a chrome cover (from a Harley) over the DS horn, and I left it.
-'74 is the first year for the 4-speed transmissions, but the 11/73 build date means it's still a 3-speed.
-The input bearing on the trans is starting to make a little noise, but nothing that affects how it drives yet.
-As mentioned above, I forgot to replace the clutch hydraulic fluid when I was giving it the full run through, so that needs to be done and I'd probably also change the hose as it looks pretty old.
-there are some non-JIS hardware bits and pieces here and there, but it's mostly JIS
-The transfer case linkage rattles when it's under a load (I'm really reaching now...)

That's about it. I put a lot of work into making this truck mechanically sound and reliable for my DD and never got around to doing anything about the aesthetic things. I was on the fence between putting a diesel in it (I have a background in biodiesel feedstocks, and they're just awesome) and going concourse (it's too clean and original to do the former, and the resale value would be sky high). Now on eBay









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I forgot I have a brand new SOR headliner in the box. That'll help come restoration time.
Bump for Monday.
I finally managed to get this video uploaded on my ca. 1998 internet connection. It's a full disclosure, all the warts video walk through of the 40. It's not perfect, just really damn clean and good where it counts to properly enjoy it. Let me know if there are any questions or if anyone would like to see photos/video of anything else (it shouldn't take as long to get a video the second time around now that I have it sorted out).
Last day on the 'Bay! Reserve is met, and it's going to a new home. Auction ends tonight at 6:30.

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