For Sale 1974 FJ40 $6,800 Not Mine on AutomobileFinds

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This one looks like it could be a deal. If I didn't have so many cars, I would be there!

1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser For Sale $6,800

thanks for posting my fj40 for sale i tried to sell it several months ago but it needed too many things repaired and ran like $ht for the price i needed to sell it for .. so i got a local cruiser head to do his magic and now its good to go. starts, runs, sloppy stearing is fixed (new tie-rods), sloppy rear diff is now rebuilt. fuel lines replaced. windshield hold downs that were ripped off (literally) the dash are now properly wielded back on. still has the oem anti rust device (oil leak from rear main engine seal) but not bad, fine as is imo. . this fj40 is 6800 on crags list. 5900 for ih8mud folk. this is a running driving turning stopping truck... also i have a new windshield glass with new oem rubber seal to install included w/ sale.

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