For Sale 1974 FJ 40 Houston, TX

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United States

I am reluctantly selling my FJ40 due to a relocation with work. I am asking $16,000. I have owned this FJ 40 for 2 years and have kept it garaged the entire time. The previous owner also kept it garaged in Texas. This FJ 40 has been a real pleasure to drive and have. There is very little rust on the vehicle and it is mechanically sound. I do not have the hard top and am selling it as is with the bikini top. This FJ is sprung over and has new wheels and tires. The original F engine has good compression and the original 4 speed transmission works well. The rhino lining on the interior was done by the previous owner.

I would be happy to discuss anything more about this FJ 40 in a private thread. Thanks.

Below is a list of the work I have had done on the FJ 40.

BF Goodrich All Terrains 305/70R16E2 (Lifetime Warranty)
Mikey Thompson Classics 16x8
Starter Assembly
Ignition Coil
Replaced U-Joints
Valve Cover
Valve cover gasket
Freeze Plugs
Fuel Hoses
16 gallon Fuel Tank
Coolant Hoses
Thermostat Housing
Thermostat Gasket
Water Pump (water pump inner/outer gasket)
All fluids changed (front and rear differential, coolant, transmission, oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid)
Master Cylinder
Slave Clutch Cylinder
Spring for Slave Clutch
Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Hose
Clutch Fork Boot
Crankcase Loc Washer
Motor Mounts
Parking Brake Dust Boot
Transfer case seals replaced (3)
Transfer case nose cone boot
Transmission boot
Transfer shift boot
Transmission seal
4 Speed Gasket
Donut Gasket
6 Spark Plugs
Spark plug wires
Battery Tray/Battery Hold Down Kit
Exhaust Gasket
Magna Flow Muffler


I forgot to mention in my above advertisement to contact me by phone if also interested.
520-271-5020. Price Negotiable as well.

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