For Sale 1973 FJ40 Restored

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United States
1973 FJ40, 3 Speed, 1F, mostly original. Small things like the turn signals and roll bar are not.

ASKING $11,900 OBO.

Well the time came sooner than I had hoped for. Just as I picked up this project we found out my wife was pregnant before I even started.

I had some time off, relatively speaking and restored this vehicle in about 4 months.

I have been driving it every day for over a month now and have been working out some of the quirks. I have not worked all of them out but plan to continue to work on it until it gets sold. But it is a daily driver. I currently drive it about 30 miles every day.

I do have the hard top still but it is not painted. I have the materials to paint it though. I also have the running boards. If I was keeping it I would buy new ones but the ones I have can be saved. The rear barn doors can be saved if you are good with a welder and metal but it would be much easier to just buy new ones. I do have the long rear seats and they have been reupholstered as well.

I just don't have the time or money to quite finish it. It is the perfect project for someone who wants a frame off restored FJ40 but doesn't have the money that they usually charge for them. It is also great for someone who wants something to work on as it does need a few things here and there. I never rebuilt the front axle but have the rebuild kit. I never rebuilt the rear brakes but also have the parts to do it. Basically it just needs a bit more time from someone and possibly a few more bucks and it is a 100% frame off restored vehicle.

ODO states approx 20K but I don't know if that is actual mileage.

Here is my rebuild thread if you want to read it and a link to a bunch of pictures I took today. I will go out and get a video of it soon and post that up as well.

As sad as it is to see this one go as it is my first full on frame off restoration and I'm proud of it, I'm excited to get to my FJ43 after my PCS of which this was a great learning experience for.
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That thing is incredible!!! Best of luck on the sale.
Leaving for a 2 week vacation in 2 days (pending fixing a fuel issue in my ford today) but can still answer questions or have my neighbor help out if necessary if it sells before I get back.
No, I have substantially more than that in just parts for the rebuild. But I have at least 3 very interested people that I will probably make a deal with if the reserve is not met.
Got close but didn't sell. Will be around this weekend showing (hopefully selling) to some people this weekend.
You have a beautiful 40 there and the work you put in it shows. I'm surprised it hasn't sold. Its easier to sell in person than in pics anyway. GL with the sale.

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