1972 FJ55 for sale in Ohio- no affiliation (1 Viewer)

Aug 5, 2008
Baltimore, MD
***** Listed in the vehicle-for-sale section but, I thought I would copy the ad over here as well *****

Hey guys....I AM NOT PERSONALLY SELLING THIS PIGGIE!! - no affiliation with the seller, etc, etc...

I thought I had found a pig project for myself but I may have found another one closer to home (fingers crossed!) I figured since I took a pass on it, I'd at least like to see a fellow mud member get it!!

The sellers name is Craig and we have never spoke but we have exchanged several e-mails and he has sent a bunch of pics, etc. He is in Mansfield, Ohio area and asking $800 Here's the link: :pig:

1972 landcruiser fj55
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