For Sale 1972 FJ40 Land Cruiser Disc front, TH350, Project

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United States
I have a 72 fj40 for sale. Has all running gear except a motor, disc front axle, stock rear, TH350 with an adapter to the toy tcase, drivelines etc are there. Tub was soda blasted awhile back and is in good condition, tho it now has some light surface rust from moisture getting to it in the garage. Has the hard top (glass is out but there). Depending on what someone wants I also have fenders, bib, a split hood minus the chrome piece, and other parts. No doors on this rig. CLEAN TITLE! Looking to get 2500 for the tub/chassis, top, title, etc as it sits. Clean start to a good project.
Sooo is 2200 too much for this thing? Clean, rust free tub usually sells for around a grand or more, title and frame usually 800 to 1000, hard top, 800 to 1000, disc front axle and rear axle few hundred, th350 with toy case and adapter few hundred... Surprised there is no interest in this thing.

Its not all rusted, just surface rust from sitting after it got soda blasted. Just curious :)
Still available?

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