1972 FJ40 in Morgan Utah $2,500

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    Jun 16, 2006

    1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 $2,500.00
    Fair condition featuring
    F engine (about 65000 mi) installed by Japan engine exchange in Layton Utah 2001
    New headers and exhaust system January 2006.
    New radiator February 2007
    4 speed transmission (Australian with super low gear)
    New lockrite locking differential in the rear February 2007
    Full 6 point roll cage (installed) and roll bar (not installed)
    Full soft top New never installed with full doors,
    Factory hard top and doors all glass ok.
    Bikini top with half doors
    Four Hunsaker Sport bucket seats
    Custom rear tire carrier.
    New front fenders (January 2007)
    Two spare tires Mud terrain
    The cruiser is in good working order, I would not hesitate to drive it across the country

    The good, I have owned this cruiser since 1997. it was my daily driver for four years, then turned into a trail machine. Everything is good mechanically (for a 1972 vehicle) the engine and transmission are great, the steering is a little sloppy, the breaks are good. This cruiser will pass state inspection and emissions (except the blinkers, I changed fenders and didn’t transfer the front blinkers, they will be included in the sale though)
    I started to turn it into a rock crawler, it would just need the suspension lift and big tires to be a great crawler, however it will handle most any trail as is.
    The heaters (both front and back work great) lights work (blinkers do not) break lights work, windshield wipers work, horn works, manual choke works. It has been a very reliable vehicle.

    What it needs, the tub is rusty in the back and under the drivers seat, as well as the running boards. The blinkers need to be re-installed, and the steering should also be addressed. There is a crack in the windshield, other than that this is a solid truck. To start the cruiser the key must be in the on position and a button pushed.

    I have tried to describe it the best I can, please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.
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