1971 FJ55 Complete but needs fiinished

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May 23, 2011
United States
I have been fortunate enough to speak with a few of you recently about my search for an engine. I have a 1971 FJ55 now with a 73 F 3.9 liter from Custom Cruisers of Atlanta. While I was in the hospital the first time for my blown back, my wife had the engine installed and a clutch and throw out put in by Heads-Up Motorsports. The truck is complete, all glass, all parts, rear window motor, headers, all seats, all body work, some minor bondo glazing over body ripples from age. Two 3 speed trans. Column mounted and top loader extra. Both drive shafts in bed awaiting install. Interior almost complete but need drivers door panel and headliner. Car was undercoated originally but is now peeling off so very intact and rust free. Two fuel tanks, one installed and one extra. Needs radiator and alternator to be complete.

I am going in again for another fusion in early July so will not be mobile enough to bend, much less sand, install, lift and crawl underneath for many months.

I wish only to wash out of my investment plus that of my wife at $2250.00

The FJ is on ebay as of this morning if interested.

Must liquidate until I can try this again much later.

Thank you all for your help.

Bill R. @ Spartanburg area, SC

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