1970 fj40 in georgia for sale or trade

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1970 fj40 in georgia for sale or trade PRICE DROP - $3500!

I have a pretty nice 1970 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser for sale or maybe a partial trade. I purchased this FJ40 recently and had intentions of really putting some effort and cash into it but I found a FJ60 that another MUD member had for sale here that I'm going to concentrate on so I'm selling this one. It is a 1970 with a three speed on the column. This FJ40 runs and drives but still needs some TLC to get it perfect. The prior owner stated that the engine had been recently rebuilt but I have no way of proving it. It had been sitting up for a while before I got it so there will be some bugs to work out. The paint is real good looking and the interior has been re-upholstered to include all seats and the dash. Also has good long style jump seats that are redone. It currently has some carburetor issues and more than likely needs a rebuild of the carburetor. I also have a nice old school stock breather that is not pictured that needs to be installed. Most 39 year old Landcuisers are not going to be rust free but this one isn't too bad and is NOT junk. There is no rust in the rear sill area. There is some surface rust in the front floor areas. The worst is a small area under the driver's seat and right inside the driver's door. It also has a Dunlop Snow Cruiser as the spare. All in all if you have been looking for a good looking unmolested FJ40 at a decent price then this may be for you, however it is not perfect and I'm not trying to make it out to be. Since I have to put a price on it I'll say $4500 but I'm flexible however I won't give it away. I may also do a partial trade but I need some cash in the deal also. If you are serious I have a lot of other pictures. I also welcome serious parties to come and check it out for yourself and evaluate what it still needs. As far as trades, I'll be looking for a complete lift for the FJ60 and maybe a set of black rims with some type of mud terrain or others, and maybe a front brush guard/bumper. I may be willing to entertain some other trades but again, I'll need some cash too.
$4500 OBO/Trade
Email me at mtrdud322@aol.com

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Bump for a sweet good priced Cruiser!

Thanks. I hate to let this one go but I can't keep them all.
Do you have any more detailed pics to post? With the carburetor trouble is this thing driveable?

Also, where at in Georgia?

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1970 fj40

I'm in West Central Georgia close to Columbus, Ga and about 1 1/2 hours south of the Atlanta Airport. I have about 34 pictures but I'm on dial up and it takes a while to send them. Are you interested in particular area? As far as the carburetor goes, it will idle but is somewhat rough. It had been sitting up a while so there will be some things that need to be worked out as you go. If I were to keep it I would have it rebuilt or put a Webber on it. I would say that it needs a complete tune-up to include the PVC valve. I have driven it up and down the road I live on but that's it. It will need to be trailered away.
Bump for a sweet Georgia peach!!....wish I had the cash!

Come on down. I'll make you a hell'uva deal on it. I'm itching to lift my 60 and I need the cash!
could you send me some pics please . how is the rust, any holes in the floor boards? you can reach me by pm thanks.
FJ40 - Price Drop!

Dropping the price to $3500 - It needs to go!
Someone is getting a sweet deal on a 40....wish I had the funds to get it since it is so close

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