craigslist 1969 FJ55 - Port Huron ( East China), MI

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Aug 11, 2015
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1969 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 Iron Pig Landcruiser

Asking: $3500

Quote from listing:

"1969 Toyota "Iron Pig" FJ55 Land Cruiser. This is a straight rig imported from Oregon.

If you found this ad it is still available. Also, you must know what this is. But for those of you who do not, this was one of the first four door 4x4 SUVs ever built. These Land Cruisers are tough as nails and the Iron Pig has cult status. Only a few thousand of these were built, and not many unmolested straight ones are left. Restored these commonly bring $35,000-$60,000

This truck is mainly original with the exception of a later 350 swapped in, as well as some aftermarket front seats. It has brand new BF Goodrich mud tires, and the body has been rhino coated. Recently the FJ55 gained fame in the movie "50 first dates" and the show "Alaska OffRoad Warriors"

I purchased the truck last year with intentions of building it up as another OffRoad rig for my family. However our ideas changed and it has sat. The truck had an electrical fire that melted the heater under the dash. I have the parts to repair and they come with the sale. I can also sell you a good running 2F engine for an extra $500 if you wish to restore it to stock.

The frame, floors, and sheet metal are all nice.

It is not currently running due to the electrical issues. If it does not sell I will rewire and get running but the price WILL go up if I do that. Now is your chance to get a solid Pig on the cheap! Delivery may be available for a fee."


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