1969 FJ40 for sale (1 Viewer)

Feb 28, 2009
United States
Asking $2,000

My son and I bought it some time ago to restore, he lost interest and I don't have the time or $$ to do it justice. I have over $2500 in it (receipts available) with most of that in the machine shop cost for the engine rebuild (we went with a 2F). The gas tank and radiator have been vatted, the tank has been lined.

We bought it off a friend who bought it off of his brother-in-law, who bought it from a neighbor. It was a daily driver until it threw a rod about 12 years ago. It sat out back of his uncle's barn until we towed it home. That was about 6 years ago. Neither my friend, nor his brother-in-law ever transferred title, and I have been unable to find the neighbor - therefore - NO TITLE.

Detailed info and pictures available - and I will deliver it within a reasonable distance - call me!

Castle Rock, Co
Mar 3, 2009
Please more pics of rust, interior and engine bay? How does it run? Do you still drive it on a regular basis? Pics Pics Pics man, thanks

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