For Sale 1968 FJ40 for sale

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Throwing this out there. I bought this FJ about 3 years ago as a bit of a project, and 3 years later I still haven't got it to the point that it's street legal. I'm up in Calgary, Canada, and parts have been hard to come by, and my time is even harder to set aside to keep this going.

With a few more hours, someone will have a beauty truck to bomb around in. I just don't have the time or space to keep it going, and with a baby on the way and an angry wife I should sell it.

I have added:

- professionally rebuilt Pontiac 460ci V8. The engine was bored and built at a local stock car rebuilder, and has been estimated to make about 450HP (never tested). This alone was $7500 (have receipts)
- New Edelbrock intake manifold
- new edelbrock 4bbl carb (needs adjusting)
- new tires
- 4 wheel disc brake conversion from JT outfitter
- saginaw PS
- custom exhaust
- rebuilt radiatior

Things I have noticed that were changed/upgraded before I bought it

- retrofitted seats and rear bench
- mallory coil
- has a winch, but I don't think those were original for that year
- brake booster
- shackle lift
- upgraded shocks incl steering shock
- steel rear bumper (I have a used, HD fabricated bumper that I can throw in as well. It has all the lights on it, as well as a tire carrier)
- fairly certain (not 100%) that it is a TH350 3 spd tranny. I have the serial numbers on it somewhere

from when we pulled the engine. It is an automatic transmission 20141223_103442[1].jpg 20141223_103456[1].jpg 20141223_103442[1].jpg

I'm almost $20k into this thing with all the mechanical/engine work. It does not have a roof or doors (I can include a roof from a 1974 FJ40, but I'm fairly certain it won't fit).

90% of the mechanical has been done on this rig. It will need some small body work done on the hood (cracked from the way the hood is mounted, and continual open/close over the years). Small rust spot appearing on the rear as well. A few gremlins need to be chased out like speedo (not working), ebrake (not working) and a good tune up. It came out of Texas, and it has NEVER been driven since I owned it, which is a total shame. It has always been stored in my shop (it's a little dirty). I have started it a few times, and it sounds pretty awesome.

I would take $10 000.00 US for it if someone is game. I'm more than happy to put up more photos or answer any questions. It really is a good looking cruiser and I hate to sell it, but I have WAY too many toys taking up space right now.

I can be reached at if I don't respond to the thread. I'm not on this 20141223_103442[1].jpg 20141223_103456[1].jpg 20141223_103506.jpg 20141223_103520.jpg 20141223_104139.jpg
site all that often.
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