For Sale 1966 Softtop FJ-40 In Tulsa - $18,950.00

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saw it yesterday when i went to visit someone at the hospital.

took some phone pictures, but it's on the new company phone and data plan has not been turned on yet. so i can not send them.

it is setting just west of utica on 11th and behind the hillcrest hospital.

very restored, very nice red. brand new soft top. floors rockers, look solid. stock motor. cali plates. okie dave or someone more experienced might do a better job of checking it out.

phone number on truck is 918-630-8330

looks like i'll be going back tommorrow or saturday, i'll get pictures when i do.
yeah that's it

looks great, have you seen it dave?

btw one of those tires you let me have finally went flat :D
Great looking rig

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