craigslist 1964 Toyota land Cruiser FJ 40 4X4 Running and driving - It's rough but it won't last 12 hours, this will be sold

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
not mine 1964 Toyota land Cruiser FJ 40 4X4 Running and driving - cars &... -

This is my 1964 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 40 6 cylinder runs and drives 3 on the tree this is a true survivor everything is there all original clean Title don’t want to sell it but have it have no parking for it for more info give me a call show contact info


1964 Toyota land Cruiser FJ 40 4X4 Running and driving - $10,500​






Pretty sure this is the same one you posted up last month. Usually you share links to cruisers for sale, but — is this your rig for sale just now at a lower price?— I remember it “won’t last long” but it has lasted all month and price dropped too —- just linking so others can see the previous chat about it:

the hard top is worth that much! lol
no not mine, just getting old didn't remember it
Once its down to 7k it will sell. Give it a month or two.
As mentioned in the other post, I've seen this rig. Don't think it will come down that far, owner said he had this new asking price into it. Nor do I think it should come down that far. I think it's not moving because there are few early LC folk here. Mostly heep people. A nice, solid, early project.
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Indeed. Thanks for the support @swamp-thing.
I can always come to MUD for validation that multiple land cruisers are normal, and x of them is not even enough!
It is perfectly logical in my mind that this rig could be parked in the que. I can also almost even convince myself that I'll never find one so nice, so close, and so complete ever again.

But the short answer is, I can't. My batchelor days are waning. I'm going to try and be an adult again. :(
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