eBay 1964 fj40 stock start bid $4,500 CLEAN Portland Oregon

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United States
Just listed a High Desert of Oregon 1964 FJ40: Hardtop, 3-in-tree, Warn Hubs, in excellent condition. Engine is replacement F1 with compression of 130 120 125 135 130 135. Never Butchered. Good 6ply LT tires with rims. Start Bid of $4,500 and ten day listing. Great to just use...even better to restore...check out the pictures...:p:flipoff2:
A guy with the last name Rusty posts his first post to MUD and forgets to link to his FJ he is selling on E-bay.

The FJ is a non numbers matching, non original-parts rig that needs a restoration for $4,500 as a starting point? :rolleyes:

Good luck with the selling!


who crapped in your wheeties, D'?
This ain't effin ebay, asshat. READ THE RULES! Not an auction site. Post your price, period.
To be fair, he is just letting us know that he posted it on ebay.

Nice cruiser! To bad you are selling, but it will be interesting to see what she sells for.

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