For Sale 1963 Toyota custom for Sale

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United States
It drives and runs well. It's a heavy som-a-bitch. The body panels are actually diamond plate panels made to look like the real thing. The amount of welding is incredible. 540 horse, Fast-injected, 496 big block with a bump over normal cam, bullet proof everything, 6 coil overs, 20" bead-lock rims, 52" tires. Atlas transfer, Stands 9 feet tall and is every bit of 8 feet wide. Pretty cool rig. A five year build consisting of 2.5 owners. Over $140k invested, but like anything it comes and goes. I've just ran out of room here at the Ponderosa. Still needs both winches wired up and some other odds and ends, but for the most part, it's a runner. $50K - Or trade for equivalent- trade for an excavator, scissor lift, skid steer, equipment, etc. Thanks for your time.
If you have too much money and want something no one else can.... give me a call.

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