For Sale 16,000 origional mi bj40

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seriously !! type in craigslist tampa FL then type in fj40 in the search its not that hard. and there are plenty of pics there my friend.

It's priced way too high to wheel too....

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uummmm maybe you can tell an old fart how to cut paste a link for future ref.
Anytime the seller mentions that they "will trade for a house...", I can rest assured its out of my price range. :doh:

Nice truck, though.
Look at the condition of the springs,sagged out all the way so I assume it turned over at least once and has 115K instead of 15K on it.

The springs sag when they get old but not that hard if it wasn't used.
It's a '78 not a '79. Agree on it being repainted and likely higher miles. With all those lights up top and on the front bumper maybe it was used to light up the winery at night! What's with the white tubing on the front bumper? bike rack? For $50k they could have at least flipped the bezel right side up.
Yeh you see a lot more 80 series on the trails and less 40s as compared to a few years ago. @gsmtr last yr seemed like 2x as many 80s as compared to 40s. My guess in a few years almost no 40 on the trails (just show cars) and 80s will be significantly increase there value. Capable off road, family friendly, easy to get parts = longevity & increasing value. Just a hunch.
never had many good things happen when I deal with guys named Angel..........

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