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14BT Injector pump help

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Sep 15, 2014
Mandurah Western Australia
I'm a noobie to this forum and 4WD's and need some help. Cheers

I'm currently swapping the 3B11 out for a 14BT in my BJ70 cruiser.

I'm scratching my head what to do as there seems to be 3 fuel connections on the injector pump. My old Injector pump simply had a feed line and a return line.

Also it has an electrical fitting on the injector pump and my old one didn't so i'm not 100% on what to do there.

Then once ive got them sorted ill have to adjust the injector pump timing and i dont know what to go by. I know there is markings on the injector pump its self but i cant see any on the gear housing it connects to. Can i do it with the engine running?
Will it damage the engine if its to far out straight away?
Will you be able to hear when its spot on?

Hope someone can give me some pointers.

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