For Sale 12V 12HT preheat timer

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Feb 28, 2007
Portland OR - USA
United States
Sold 1 but I found another in storage.

Just the timer with the harness plug and a foot or so of wiring.

$100 shipped in the us
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Hi, could you explain to me what is it that you are selling because i am in the process of a diesel swap 12 ht and i want ot go the 12 volts way.
Its a used preheat timer (relay, ecu, however you want to refer to it) from an HJ61. Its a factory part.

The 12 HT typically comes with an auto timer for the glow screen. It determines if the pre-heat should come on and for how long.
Hi, i just spoke with my mechanic and he said it would be nice to have instead of a push button and having to count.
I live in Olympia WA. How do we proceed for the money transfer?

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