12HT w/5speed and transfer

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Jun 30, 2004
Denver, CO
12HT diesel with 5speed, transfer, shifters, fan shroud, wiring harness, air cleaner, crossmember, motor mounts, a/c, power steering, etc. Darn near everything needed to complete an FJ60 swap. Motor runs well and has been compression tested. Email me for addtional info. Motor located in North Carolina $8000.
12htshipment 001.jpg
12htshipment 002.jpg
12htshipment 005.jpg
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I hadn't really considered that....I would prefer to sell the complete package to someone. I'm actually torn on selling this one anyway....I have an FJ45 that would be SWEET for this package, but I can't bring myself to cut up an original 45. I'm also considering just putting it into an FJ80 here that's very clean....I think that would be pretty sweet too.
Thanks for the compliments on the site. It's a work in process as usual. I actually have a ton of used JDM stuff that I need to find the time to take pictures of. I've accumulated quite a bit with my own conversions that I don't think I "need" anymore.
well let me know if you change your mind. I'm dropping it into a jdm 60 so I don't need the rest. Should I inquire here as to what else you have available?
160,000km and it's out of Japan...not Australia.
Winston Salem
Is this package still available? I am interseted, though i need to sort out some logistics. Main concern is emissions and smog testing, some day in the near future I may need to register my FJ62 in California. Do you know where I could get some information on how these engines measure up to different States standards?

Thanks, Dirk
I still have it.
As far as I know, California will let you install a motor that is newer than your vehicle without hassle. There are quite a few people on the diesel forum that have done this that live in Cali, so I know it's possible, but I don't know what forms they had to fill out, etc.
That's the beauty of the 2h and 12HT from a swap standpoint. The fuel lines, starter wires, exhaust (side) are all basically where they were on a 2F. What's different is the location of the a/c and power steering pump compared to an FJ60. If you are installing in a 40, you would have been getting power steering lines made up for you anyway, and if you are installing in a 60, there are many shops that will reuse your existing hose ends to make new ones at reasonable prices. I meant to grab photos of the 12HT while I was there this weekend, but forgot to. I'll see if I can run by there tonight and get that done.
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CT-26 turbos are oil cooled/lubricated and water cooled from the factory. The water lines for the turbo come off the thermostat housing. You do not need a larger radiator for this engine.
Pics added...sorry for the delay.
Ahh...I see why you asked about the leaks. There is a "wet" spot in two of the photos, but that's actually diesel that I spilled when I was running it and then when I disconnected the fuel lines from my test "tank".
Still available. Package deal with PTO, take off, cable, driveshafts for $8,200 total.

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