11/2-3 Concurs d'Elegance "Life off the Road"


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Sep 17, 2016
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The club received an invite for the upcoming event in Hilton Head. They are doing an off road vehicle specific portion of the event and somebody had sense enough to try and get some Land Cruisers (just guessing TLCA gave out the info). If you are interested in exhibiting, let me know and I will forward the email with registration attachment.

As part of our 2019 Hilton Head Island Concours d'Elegance & Motoring Festival, this year we will be featuring vehicles that take you “off of the road” and the adventure and excitement that come with them. Our event will be held Saturday and Sunday, November 2 & 3.

For more information about this event visit us at: Two-Day Features at the Hilton Head Island Concours d'Elegance.

To sign up as a participant in this event, please see the attached Application Instructions.

For questions, please feel free to contact me.

My very best regards,

Meredith Kronz
Exhibitor Concierge
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