10th Annual BBRC Fall Crawl Oct 25-26th 2013

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Fall Crawl

I'm planning to attend- this is a great bunch of guys and their events are always great times. Gary S

Are you hi-tech enough to use Paypal, or should we expect your registration in the mail?
My first year running the Fall Gathering I had a guy riding a horse show up at my house to let me know he had a telegram for me and it was Gary's registration.
Last year I had a pigeon with a registration tied to his leg from Gary S. fly into my window.

I think it's suffice to say with Gary's technological evolution you may expect a mailed in registration with Gold coins inside.
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Boy, you guys almost hurt my feelings! I was feeling a bit down after reading the posts (yeah right). Vince-I have a freebie for the Fall Crawl got it from a PA friend (thanks Mike) who won it in the Coal Mine raffle. If I need to send in registration info let me know. Gary

Have a look at the registration and let me know at a minimum your shirt size. If you want anything else let me know.
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Updated the post with links for the shirts and hoodies!!

We are currently 34% full on registration!!

It may not sound like much, but with 2.5 weeks left till the deadline, this is a high percentage compared to past years!!

If you know you're gonna make the Fall Crawl, don't wait to register any longer!!
Every Driver Registration comes with a chance to win....


Slight change to the camping situation....

I was informed that Camp 6 is going to be filled by a music event on the same weekend.

We will be in the next camp, Camp 10. It is not as nice as Camp 6, but we don't have much other choice.

Keep an eye on your email if you are registered, in the next few days you will be receiving information for the event!

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