Wanted 100 Series w/ Rear Locker near Denver (1 Viewer)

Dec 7, 2008
1 mile high
United States
Looking for a well kept, rust free 100 series near Denver or fairly close by. Needs to have rear locker option. SOONER THAN LATER.

Preferred colors are Green, Gray or Silver. Not interested in black or gold.

Stock or modded fine.

Let me know if it's going to need anything in the near future, i.e. tires, brakes, timing belt, ect. I don't need a basket case but if you have one with a bad motor or tranny, I might be interested.

Looking in the $8-12k range unless you have some tasty add ons...

I have a white 93 FZJ80 on 37's with OME medium and 1" spacers, front ARB & 5.29's with rebuilt axles. I might consider trading for partial credit. It was mint until I went up Spring Creek without sliders. Both rockers have a little character now but repairable.

Also have a 64 SS Impala factory 4 speed with a 396 for sale if that's your flavor...Shaved moldings and tastefully lowered on 18 & 20's. Charcoal metallic over black. Rust free california car just like my FZJ.


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