For Sale 100 series front end & running boards - some pieces arent perfect (1 Viewer)

Mar 9, 2017
Orlando, FL
Hi all, fixing to do the front end upgrade on my 2000 and install Kavik front bumper. Pics will be posted as soon as this gets pulled and finished.

The grille is OEM Toyota unmolested original and in good condition. $150 + shipping

Original Toyota headlight (Left side intact), right side shattered but right plastic sidepiece available. (some missing /broken brackets/tabs): make offer or inquire.

Original fog lights for OEM bumper cover: $70 each, $130 total. Not cracked or anything, but def yellowed and in need of a wetsand and seal. +Shipping

Running boards: $100 and come pick em up.

Also accidentally bought an extra OEM toyota insert for the 2006 2007+ grille. $25.00 +Shipping

I haven't gotten around to pulling these parts yet, as I would like to do it once I receive the bumper for the install in a few weeks.

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