100 Series Fan Belt Tool - DIY

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Sep 2, 2010
Sarasota, Florida
This will make life easier - guaranteed!

Parts list:
Small 3/8" drive breaker bar,
Short length of conduit tubing that will fit over the bar,
1/4" Pin with ball lock,
4' of nylon line.

I was lucky as the breaker bar I already had in my tool box had a hole in the end of the handle. If yours does not, drill a .281 or .312 hole in the end for the pin to pass through.

Now drill a 1/4" hole in the end of the tubing for the rope to go through and 2 more in the tube, one of which will line up with the hole in the breaker bar when the tube is extended out onto the handle in the working position and another which will line up when the tube is in the stowed position (see pics).
Tie a knot in the end of the rope and feed the other end through the end hole in the tubing.

To use it, put a 14 mm socket on the breaker bar, move the extension tube out to the working position and place the pin in the hole, thru the breaker bar, to lock it in place.
If you are removing or replacing the fan belt make sure you get it in "in the loop" (so the socket and breaker bar are inside the diameter of the belt) before you do anything else or you will not be able to get it on once you attach the rope.
Next, place the socket on the tensioner pulley bolt so the breaker bar ends up at an angle shown in the picture. Then loop the end of the rope around something near the passenger side fender and tension up the breaker bar. I loop it around my compressor mount.
Tie a "taught line hitch" (see pic)and slide it up tight to hold the breaker bar in position with the tensioner pulley pulled up tight, as far as it will go.
Now your hands are free to change your belt, idler pulley, alternator, or whatever.
Easy as 1,2,3!
When you are done, stow it in your tool kit and leave it there right next to your spare fan belt. You never know when you might have to change a belt, right?

By the way, in case you were not a boy scout, the taught line hitch is as follows:
Two turns inside the loop, and then one turn outside the loop; all in the same direction. Pull it all up tight so the main line looks like it has a kink in it. That's what locks it in place.

Picture 149.jpg

Picture 150.jpg

Picture 152.jpg

Picture 154.jpg

Picture 156.jpg
One more pic.

Picture 157.jpg
Neat tool, but I like your air compressor location more.

Does that engage lockers or is it just fore airing up?
What type compressor do you have? Interesting location.
Any more photos of your compressor mount?
We need to change he name of this thread lol
The compressor is a Viair 460C with a custom mount.
I'll do an install thread on it for you tonight.

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