Wanted 100 series around Houston TX

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United States
Hello, I'm new around here and looking forward to participating in this site.

I'm looking for a clean, stock, well maintained, serviced 100 series LC around me. 2000-2004? Locker(s) and a 5 speed auto would be nice. Willing to travel within reason for the right one. Under 130k miles preferred, but negotiable.

Clean Carfax and a clear title in hand is a MUST.

I have seen a couple around the area, but none with aftermarket lockers that are also model year 2000+. There is a 98 with factory rear locker for $7,500 but I haven't checked it out yet. There is slim pickings on Craigslist, but if I come across one, I'll holler.
Found a '98 that caught my eye. Going to look it within the next couple of days. Not exactly what I'm looking for, but I've been in a rental for a month since I've totaled my Tacoma. Need to make a move soon.
Look over the Slee 100 series newbie guide. Some of the things I would look for are:

If the timing belt has been done
The CV boots are ripped or torn
Any rust along the undercarriage or body
If it comes with a rear locker - does it work
If it goes into 4-low just fine

Have a link to the posting?
Thanks. I'll check all that when I look at it. According to the window sticker, looks like it does have a rear locker.
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Very cool. I checked out his youtube video and it does in fact have the rear locker. Good and hope to see you as a 100 series owner soon.
Forgive the noobie questions, but how do I check to see if the rear locker works? Checking to see if it goes into 4lo fine meaning if it shifts into it smoothly? Thanks.
The rear locker will only engage in four low, so I would go to an empty large parking lot, put it in 4 low, turn the locker switch clockwise, listen for it to "click" in (rolling down the window might help), and wait for the flashing locker light on the dash to stop blinking and light up solid. I would be careful to not cause any damage on the high traction surface, but if you turn the wheels and drive you should hear a chirping of the rear tires if you really want to test it. Personally I would just listen for the click and look for the dash light. When you disengage the locker, listen for the click again so you know it works both directions ok.
Thank you, mcgaskins. I'll be sure to try that. I'll report back if I end up picking it up or not.
Post up some pics and specs and whatnot! Congratulations, you are going to love having a Land Cruiser. The only problem is now you will not want anything else, because nothing compares!
Thanks! It's my first one. 1 owner with 153k miles. Super clean and untouched for $9.5k. Got it from a lady who hardly drove it and has just been sitting it her garage. I couldn't pass it up and drove to Austin to get it. I'll start a build thread soon.


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