07 Tundra rust

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Dec 13, 2002
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Looks like the 07's have a problem with rusty bumpers.

I called Toyota last week on mine. They called my local customer service rep who scheduled and appointment. I was there for about 10 minutes before they scheduled me to come in for a replacement bumper. They had two in stock, but both were scheduled for other people.

Of course today was a big giant headache dealing with the service department, but that's the joy of owning a Toyota.

They got a problem, they know it's a problem and they are fixing them without hassle. (other than the hassle of taking your truck in)

They gave me a Camry Hybrid to drive around. No Hybrids for me thanks.
Which bumper?

I messed around with an 07 this winter. We had the winter from hell, so vehicles were not melting out very good, constant cold temps. I drove this one, it was used, and was being used as a loaner at this dealership. I drove it some to check it out, and went to drop the tailgate to see just how cool the new tailgate was supposed to be. Well the plastic trim s*** on top of the rear bumper was so swollen from ice and who knows what under it, that you could not get the tailgate down.

Seemed Like Toyota missed the mark there, needs to be more clearance between the gate and bumper. What if you had a bunch of gravel or crap there from getting a load and drop the gate, does it put a big dent in the gate.

Sorry, one gripe I had, out of many after looking at them a little. Still nice trucks, wish I could afford one, but they need a little more help on actual work issues. That is if Toyota really wants to make them the work truck they claim.

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