04/85 Clutch Master Cylinder

Apr 1, 2004
Los Ángeles, CA.
Okay... I'm confused. I need to replace my clutch Master cylinder for my 04/85 Land Cruiser. Looking through different parts sources, I have found this info:

"...To 04/85 & From 04/85"
MAF's Web Site: "...To 04/85 & From 05/85..."

which one do I need? Thanks for your help.
Feb 9, 2004
Buffalo Grove, IL
I think you want to go with the earlier one. You can also look on your slave cyliner rod and see if it has an adjusting nut on it. If it does I'm about 95% sure you have the early setup. The later ones without the adjustable slave rod had a different m/c. Don't quote me on all this...as I'm not 100% sure. The best way to get the right part is to call C-Dan or your local parts guy and give him the VIN. Once they put that in the computer it'll tell you exactly which one you need.

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