04-14-07 Chapter Meeting - Olympia

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Sep 13, 2006
Olympia, WA
Toyota of Olympia off Hwy 101 - Capital Auto Mall
9:00AM start time

Opening by Toyota of Olympia
Collect membership dues
Vote on Treasurer & Secretary
Budget allocation
Web site design and launch
FJ Cruiser Trail Team Event details & coordination (Sept 8 & 9)
Schedule ARB Technical Briefing (2hrs. hosted by ARB)
Spring / Summer Event Calendar
New business / ideas

See you guys this Saturday!
I may have to leave a bit early, but I'll be there.
Everyone is invited to attend this meeting, participation, not leadership is what makes a club like ours successful.
Will The Arb Guys Be Giving Discounts If We Want To Buy Stuff That Day?? :d
Will The Arb Guys Be Giving Discounts If We Want To Buy Stuff That Day?? :d

ARB wants to come to Olympia one weeknight, bring a bunch of gear with them, buy us dinner and present for about 2 hours. One example of the gear they will be bringing down is an air locker that is cut out so we can see the insides, learn about details of the product, see the quality of the manufacturing, etc. Basically this is the same technical "class" they provide to their dealer network.

More details to follow at the meeting Saturday.
let me know more about the arb guys. i have been itching to buy a winch bumper for the 80 and maybe the 60 since Brandon sold my other one. I already have an air locker from them just havent put it in yet because i dont know what gears to go with yet in the 40. leaning toward 4.88
After the meeting?

There is a show this weekend at the Puyallup fair grounds put on by 4 wheel drive parts. It's free to get in and they will have some stuff on site that they are selling at "wholesale" prices. I don't know if this means the warn 8K will be $500 like at the swap meet, but might be worth checking it out. I think its called truck fest? I know its Saturday and Sunday, not sure about the times. I heard the ad on the radio, if anybody wants to check it out, let me know. I may have to run home and get my son, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind tagging along to check out some big trucks.

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That's were they are headed. Saw them on I-82 south of Yakima today. They were going north and I was headed south. No interchange close enough to turn around and hunt them down. I was hoping to see them stopped for dinner on the way back home but no luck. I have to work after the meeting so won't get to the truck fest thing Saturday. If it is just too good to miss, post up here. Maybe I can get up there Sunday.

On a more official note. Any refreshments needed for the meeting?
I would love to get involved and be at the meeting unfortunately I am doing a run in Oregon Saturday. Hopefully I can make the next meeting. And to copy OlympiaFJ60 please post if Truckfest is good or not I am planning on stopping by there on Sunday.

Just got back from the truck fest and wanted to post a quick report.
It's a pretty good event for those that would like to see a product to help them make a better purchasing decision and prices seem pretty good too. A lot of vendors are there displaying their products.

I spent about 15 min talking to the Dick Cepek reps about their tire line and had a chance to see the tire that I am thinking about buying.

Talked to the Toyota Trail team guys, looks like a fun gig to do, at least for a while. Their FJ's are nicely built up. They gave me and my wife 2 pairs of really nice leather work gloves that are insulated.

Bought a set of PIAA 520 fog lights. Good price but can be had from other online vendors for a few $$ less but it was nice to pick them up right there.

A saw a lot of people walking out with the HiLift jacks, probably had them at a good price too.

Any way, spent a couple of hours there and had a good time and learned a few things.
For those FJ Cruiser owners it is worth stopping by the trail team booth for your exclusive freebie...

Warn had the best prices I have ever seen on a M8000 winch w/ roller @ $474.

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