window moulding

  1. houstonfj40

    FST door corner glass molding solution?

    I am starting to redo a set of FST doors. I can find the door moldings/felts in searches but nothing for the corner glass window (Plexiglas). Had anyone found a solution for this molding? Getting new Plexi cut, but molding is toast. Could I cut up a molding for the "bug catchers" to work...
  2. toddsmith1

    Window moulding belt clips - part number ?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for the part number and availability of the plastic belt clip for the exterior window molding? I have some good used molding strips that I want to install and the clips are broken. I have searched everywhere I know, all I can find is the whole strip...
  3. C

    '93 Window Belt Moulding

    Working on making sure the windows in my '93 FZJ80 are nice and smooth and have an issue with the belt moulding. There are some spots with it that seem to have come up from under the flashing of the moulding has anyone dealt with being able to pop the moulding back underneath? Im a novice in...
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