1. Diytech123

    Power window - buzzing / whirring noise

    My recently acquired 2009 LX570 has developed a buzzing / whirring noise (it's not whining noise though) while the driver side window rolls up. Rolling down is smooth but rolling up makes loud buzzing noise and slows down while it comes to completely close. It's ok passenger side it is better...
  2. E

    2013 LC200 (American) whirring noise behind the dash on cold start

    Hi everyone- I have a 2013 LC200 (American) with about 35,000 miles on it. Last winter, when it would sit in my work parking garage during the day (open air) and temperatures would be between 17-27 degrees Farenheit, upon turning on the car there would be a 3-5 minute cycle of whirring somewhere...
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