1. sunrk

    80 series door differences - powered fittings vs non-powered fittings

    Are 80 series doors that have manual windows/mirrors plus no central locking basically the same structurally as doors with electric windows/mirrors and central locking? That gives a lot more options to replace doors on my 80 if the skins are the same. That way I can take any door with a good...

    17 vs 18 inch wheels - Handling Characteristics

    For those of you that have gone from a 18 inch stock wheel to a 17 inch wheel (Rock Warriors, Hutchinson, etc), I was wondering what the "on road" handling was like? Did you notice any changes such as more roll, less stability, etc? Any degradation of on road handling at all? I am debating on...
  3. S

    Aluminum vs stock

    Is there any advantage to an aluminum radiator vs stock or oem? 3 core or 4 core? I am putting a new one in at time of my rebuild. Sticking with stock 6 cylinder engine. 1972 FJ40
  4. P

    KBB prices vs Real world prices

    I'm currently on the hunt for a 2006-7 LX470. I know that the series 100 retains value at a rate unheard outside of Porsches, Tacomas and Wranglers But I'm seeing prices about $3k-8k over KBB prices (KBB Fair market price $16,900 - '06 w/140k). Admittedly these are via car dealers, but that's...
  5. B

    Monstaliner vs baseball size hail

    Repainted with Monstaliner a couple years ago. It's been great against abrasions, survived a good dent on the front quarter panel, and only been a challenge to clean on the rear where it gets a lot of grime. Yesterday the entire truck got smashed with baseball size hail in Denver for the...
  6. 88red

    10pa15c vs 10p15c

    What is the difference between the 10pa15c and 10p15c compressors and are they interchangeable in a 62? Which one do I have here?
  7. L

    1HDT Clutch Vs Power

    Hi, And here I am thinking with my buttons about what kind of power upgrades or even "raw HPs" would the stock clutch handle. In my case I'm running a custom clutch based on the stock one but it isn't all that much aggressive then the stock one. Engine wise I'm running stock CT-26 @ 15Lbs...
  8. MBurroughs

    FJ60 Fuel Line System Layout - Return vs Supply

    Hello all, I'm asking what is probably a silly question, but I've spent the past half hour searching with no luck. I bought an FJ60 without an engine. I'm looking to find out which fuel hardline is which - supply versus return - under the truck. There are two hard lines mounted one above the...
  9. A

    DEUTSCH Part vs Generic Part

    I have to order in the Deutsch DTM04-2P-P006 heres the part DTM04-2P-P006 TE Connectivity / DEUTSCH | Mouser Australia but i found a Generic Part on Alibaba Original Deutsch Connector DTM series 2way DTM04-2P, View DTM socket, Deutsch Product Details from Yueqing Deben Electric Co., Ltd...
  10. mario65

    98-2002 sunroof vs 2003-2007

    I know the parts look up shows a completely different set of part numbers and sunroof assembly for the two sets of years. Does anyone know definitely if they are interchangeable as a complete assembly ? I have a stuck 2003 and I have a 2000 assembly at my disposal. Id love to get a 2003-2007...
  11. DocuDude

    100 vs 80 (i know, i know)---which stock truck is taller?

    Thinking of upgrading. Have a gorgeous 80 that has just a few inches to clear my garage. Stock height and tires. If the 100/470 is on stock tires, no lift,-----the same height, taller, or shorter than the 80?
  12. Marleyws

    Greasable vs non shackles and pins

    Can someone explain the pros and cons of greasable vs non greasable shackles and pins? Im looking to buy a full set for my build and don't know what to buy. 1970 fj40 keeping it mostly stock with front disk don't really want any lift its gonna be kept on the road mostly with light camping/off...
  13. dpr64

    FJ60 VS FJ62 seat compatitbility

    I looked and search, cannot find what I need to know... Are the FJ60 seats and seat bases/frames good to go in a FJ62? Thanks!
  14. rc51kid

    Fox 2.0 vs Icon 2.0

    Yes i used search. Has anyone used both of these shocks? I have OME 861/862 with 40mm spacers, shorter of the Fox 2.0 shocks. LOVE the setup. One of my shocks started leaking a little. I called Icon, yes Icon, and they felt my mileage was reasonable to service the Fox shocks. They were very...
  15. NMC_EXP

    Gear Ratio Wheel Revs vs Shaft Revs?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.... With an open differential to determine the gear ratio: Raise both wheels off the ground, mark a tire, mark the driveshaft, rotate the tire one full revolution and count how many rotations the shaft makes. The number of shaft rotations = the ratio. Thanks Jim
  16. LXstatic

    100 Series vs 200 Series

    Has anyone seen this, i just stumbled on it a second ago... 2016 Lexus LX 570 vs. 2006 Lexus LX 470 - Video - Autotrader Love my 100, but will probably be forced to get a 200 series for the wife one day, haha!
  17. DeckerT4R

    Winch Option industrial vs recovery...need a quick answer

    Anyone know if using an industrial winch is any different from a recovery winch? I found a deal on an industrial winch just curious if that works or no? A feel like a winch is a winch is a winch but i could be totally wrong.
  18. T

    3 speed vs 4 speed question

    Hey guys I have a 72 parts car and it looks like someone did a 2F swap on it. How do I tell if the transmission is 3 vs 4 speed? Is there a way to tell by serial number without shifting it? The shifter has a lot of play and it's hard to tell the pattern. Pic attached
  19. ccslider

    axle shafts different locked vs non-locked

    Trying to figure out if the axle shafts for the front are different on a 1997 locked vs unlocked.. I have yet to find that they are different but figured someone probably knows and can be a hero! Thanks!
  20. L

    Lexus vs Toyota

    I read a couple articles describing the differences between Toyota Camry and Lexus ES. Besides the differences in options, Lexus is claiming that there are some differences in the manufacturing process: (1) Less mechanical tolerant for Lexus; and (2) Paint thickness variation is smaller for ES...
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