1. O

    100 Series Viscous Fan Hub O-Ring Size

    As per above does anyone know the size shape and diameter of the sealing O-Ring to suit a 2001, 100 Series 4.5lt Viscous Fan Hub O-Ring. VIN: JTECJ09J605502869 Model: FZJ105R-GNMNKQ Engine:1FZ-FE Thanks in advance Oz
  2. crewstim

    Viscous couple snowy conditions

    I am hoping to find anyone that has removed the viscous coupler from their 80/lx and uses their rig in snow. I am debating between replacing and removing, I plan to use my LX for ski trips just looking for some advice. Im generally aware of how the VC works and not looking for any answer other...
  3. mod5csi

    For Sale  Denver FZJ80 Transfer Case HF2AV

    $300 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser transfer case, HF2AV, v iscous coupler removed but available free, 150k miles wire harness, sensors, and actuator extra also: $300 set of 4 American Racing wheels, 16x8, 6 lug, 108mm bore, 5” backspace $50 each Viscous Coupler for 80 series Land Cruiser...
  4. my67nova


    Has any one got any pictures of a Toyota (viscous belt driven) power heater for the 1HZ? Does anyone have part numbers for the brackets?
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