viscous coupler

  1. DanMedeiros

    Viscous Coupler confusion

    With @Shoredreamer leading the charge we are working on regearing a used Tase rebuilt with under-drive gears and new lower low-range gears. We were working on buttoning up the case tonight and realized that the VC of the donor case was fried. With the center diff unlocked the front and rear...
  2. jpoole

    To VC or not to VC

    That is the question, to run a VC or not to run a VC? VC = Viscous Coupler Background: The VC on my '97 FZJ80 is locked up. Front drive shaft is out for now but I'll be servicing the front axle soon, reinstalling the front shaft and then plan to either pull the VC and run without it or...
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