usa spec

  1. Connorham

    USA Spec BT45-Toy in 2002

    A little help from those who’ve done it. I just installed a BT45-Toy in my 2002 WITH navigation. All the music works great BUT I cannot get the hands free calling to work correctly with the microphone. The hear the caller through the speakers correctly but they cannot hear with the microphone...
  2. Vexvader

    Builds  1977 FJ40 - USA Spec Restoration - Father & Son Project

    I am fairly new to MUD, but it is my new passion! I wanted a father and son project for me and my 12 year son. After posting a "Wanted" add on the Wanted - I GOT ONE!! - Wanted FJ40 Project - ATLANTA GA thread, I purchased a USA Spec FJ40 from another member. THE GOOD - USA Model - The price...
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