transmission cooler

  1. P

    AT hose replacement

    I am having a helluva time getting the hose on the fitting down behind the headlight, under the battery tray. Anyone have any tips? My bag of tricks is empty. I've found a few threads regarding a new trans cooler, but nothing about stock hose replacement. 97 FZJ 80 Thanks, PK
  2. gummycarbs

    Transmission hose replacement

    I've been searching 'mud, reading the FSM, and looking at parts diagrams, but haven't found everything I need to know. I want to replace the transmission hose running from the transmission to the coolers. I know the hose is 3/8" I.D. (actually 10mm), and I know there's the front cooler plus a...
  3. nukegoat

    Automatic transmission cooler barb corroded

    Anyone else had this happen? The lower barb on my at cooler is almost corroded through. The top one looks completely fine. Is there a drop in new replacement that anyone has used instead of the oem? @beno whats a new one of these cost?
  4. J

    Wanted FJ62 Transmission Cooler lines

    I'm looking for the front two lines (soft lines) that connect to the radiator. They are discontinued by Toyota and my local shop can't make them so I'm stuck looking for a good used set. Anyone have any? Thanks
  5. red66toy

    Fluid control thermostat for transmission cooler

    Hey everyone, I am planning on adding a transmission cooler soon to my FJ62 and I was thinking of adding a fluid control thermostat (like this one Derale 25719: Fluid Control Thermostat 1/2" NPT | JEGS ) after the radiator and before the aux cooler. This way the aux cooler only comes online...
  6. SmokingRocks

    Transmission Cooler Bypass / Auto Mixing Valve

    I have my transmission preheater bypassed since I'm usually offroading in the summer. But recently I finished my gauge cluster and now I can see my transmission temps (sensor is in the trans cooler line before the cooler). I see temps from 80-140, 140 is only when really getting after it or...
  7. FJ62NY

    B&M supercooler transmission cooler help

    I bought a B&M 70274 external transmission cooler for my 62, it has two female 1/2 NPT but I'm completely lost on what I need to get from my CFS radiator to the 1/2 npt then back out 1/2 NPT from cooler to the oem tranny line back to the a440f. I'm trying to keep the original transmission...
  8. Dozer18

    FJ62 Transmission Cooler inlet/outlet size (in radiator)

    Hi All, I posted this same question on my swap thread but wanted to reach the widest possible audience. While doing a Vortec swap I replaced my stock radiator with an identical CSF 2708 radiator and wanted to install -6an fittings for the integrated transmission cooler inlet/outlets. However...
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