1. vladi80

    The North Face 60 tee

    For all you 60 series owners, saw this beauty at REI today.
  2. Jlanewrx

    Toyota tee with a 100 series.

    Check out my new tee. Trying to get it into production so if you use the link below you get free shipping. thanks guys! Landcruiser
  3. FeralOne

    1974 FJ40 heater hose & fittings needed

    Mudsters, I'm reconstructing my heater system in a 1974 FJ40. I need the fitting which goes into the engine block (F motor). Also looking for the Tee fitting that goes in the lower radiator hose. Both of these items seem to be scarce. Heater hose should be easy to get at the parts store, I...
  4. Timbo FJ45

    Land Cruiser T-Shirts - Sackwear.com

    We have a great selection of Land Cruiser t-shirt. Subscribe to this thread to stay in touch with new designs. Mud member discounts: enter MUD20 for 20% off. Adding new shirts and products regularly. http://www.sackwear.com
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