91 3FE Hesitation & Stumble

    Hi, I'm experiencing hesitation at low speeds, clears up in 2nd & 3rd, then at high speeds it stumbles when dropping into 4th gear. My idle is a bit high in park, and drops to 650 in gear. At a stoplight, in gear, it stumbles. Could this be a fuel issue? A buddy of mine swears it's the fuel...
  2. T

    LC200 Engine Stumble / VSC-4Low warning etc

    Hey fellow LC lovers ! I have a 2008 LC and the engine occasionally stumbles/shudders when running up hill at high way speed and all the dash warning lights come on. If I stop and restart the car the stumbling/shuddering goes away but all the warning lights are on. This has happened before...
  3. lumbee1

    Diagnose my Cruiser

    I've got several issues with the Cruiser that I need some advice/assistance with. After swapping the U-joints out last week, I've noticed the truck isn't running as smoothly. When I dropped the driveshaft, I marked everything with Whiteout to make sure I put it back in the same way. U-joints...
  4. matt62

    FJ62 Stumbles on ignition

    I am beginning to see a recurring issue during ignition on my 88 FJ 62. The first start up of the day, the engine stumbles while igniting. It eventually gets there though. No problems while running at all. Throughout the rest of the day other start ups seem to be fine. May stumble after long...
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