1. Bryanseye

    UC February Monthly Meet - 2/21 - Quest Brewing Co

    From 6pm - until: Google Maps It's vinyl night (no, not your pants), so bring any records that you want the DJ to scratch. Unsure about food.
  2. ojaij40

    Social Security, in shock

    I filed for social security about 3 weeks ago, they asked me if I had any handicapped children that were handicapped before they turned 22. I told them my severely brain handicapped son got his present condition at 10 years old, so yes. SS called his mom in today and explained that the good...
  3. sledge916

    A tour of our Goose-Gear drawer system

    Hello all Some of you have asked us to make a video of our Goose-Gear drawer system we had installed. So Kande and I made a quick video of what we have. I hope this answers your questions and helps some of you out. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks Seth
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