slip yoke

  1. WildernessRimFab

    3spd driveshaft slip yoke questions.

    I am replacing the ujoints on my 1972 3spd fj40 and I noticed some issues with the slip yoke: 1. The felt seal on the slip yoke cover was ripped in half and barely hanging on. Looks like these felt seals are no longer available. 2.The "welch plug" that covers the interior of the slip yoke is...
  2. Freewheel

    Size of front driveshaft slip yoke grease plug?

    The grease plug that fills the end of the front drive shaft is missing from my truck and I'd like to replace it. This is the plug that protects the driveshaft slip joint from water and dirt and also lets you grease the slip joint using the grease zerk. Without the plug, grease pumped into the...
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