1. 4

    UZJ-100 Overlander Projects? Pros and Cons of UPGRADING OEM LC

    For almost 20 years, my faithful 2001 UZJ100 remained religiously stock and OEM. But years went by, extended warranties expired, and the inner child that was never allowed to get out and play in the mud, decided to go on a lustful departure into creating a dedicated UZJ100 Overlander. At...
  2. D

    For Sale  Drawer System with ARB Fridge Mount, Pressurized Water Tank & Filtration for Sale

    Drawer System with ARB Fridge Mount, Built In Water Tank & Filtration for Sale Asking $675 Pick Up Only Location: McKinney, Texas Great system. Unfortunately, I need to gain more passenger room and this has to go. Hook up a hose, and you have pressurized water on demand. Filter tap...
  3. Adrian Frick

    WaterPORT- On board pressurized shower/rinse system

    Use code "mud20" for 20% off @ The WaterPORT provides easy access to pressurized water for use at play, work or in emergencies. Simply fill the tank with water using a garden hose and go. Our systems also allow the user to manually fill through the top cap and pressurize...
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