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    2014 Lexus LX570 Service Records

    I’m supposed to be picking up a 2014 LX with 47k miles this Friday. Clean carfax, 1 owner, serviced every 5k miles at the same dealer it was purchased at. I was able to enter the vin on the Lexus website to access the service records and it appears to of only undergone normal servicing. Am I...
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    How long is too long? (oil service history)

    Hey all, Longtime lurker here. I am finally about ready to join the ranks and purchase my first Cruiser. I'm looking at a 100 series because I want something I won't mind covering great distances with and I really like the power of the 4.7. My Dad purchased a 100 series new in '99 and still has...
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    How many miles is too many/checking service history?

    Currently own a '97, looking for a 100 series (prefer Toyota). I have found several 2003-05 models with mileage between 120,000 - 160,000. I know maintenance wise timing belt/water pump is at the top. 2 questions: 1. How many miles are too many if you know the history? 2. Found a 2005...
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    Lexus Service History - Online Data Changes

    It looks like Lexus may be limiting the info we've been able to get on vehicles being considered for purchase. I know on the LX-570 I own I can no longer see the service history prior to ownership. When I queried Lexus they said they now only show current owner history, due to 'privacy issues'...
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