1. DoubleNickels

    Reversing direction on a Saginaw power steering box

    Heya Anyone know if it's possible to rearrange the internals on a Saginaw power steering box, to reverse the motion of input vs output shaft rotation? I've seen write-ups on manual boxes, but not power. Thanks! Calvin
  2. tlc81

    help finding correct steering tie rod

    having a real hard time finding the correct steering tie rod, ordered in 3 with no luck, hoping someone can help me out... cruiser is a 78 BJ40 but we added Saginaw steering about 15 years ago and I didn't keep any notes. YES that was stupid.... tie rod thread is 5/8" and 18 gauge with length of...
  3. Roger Martiinez

    Your Opinion: Top 5 Upgrades for FJ60?

    I think all of us agree that the FJ60 is an incredible vehicle. I learned to drive in our FJ60 in La Paz, Bolivia, during the 1980s when my father was aerial mapping coca drug labs for DOD. It saved my ass when I rear-ended a Bolivian Cholo Bus (like the one below) -- I hit it hard and the...
  4. K

    Advance Adapters Saginaw Installation Problem

    Hey guys, I am currently trying to install the advance adapters power steering conversion kit and a J20 Saginaw box onto my 1976 FJ40. I am having problem lining the adapter plate and box up that also leaves clearance between the box and the OME shackle and shackle bolts. There seems to be no...
  5. BigDeesFj40

    Saginaw power steering conversion pump

    Trying to find a good part number to replace my power steering pump. Its the standard chevy pump?
  6. 69LC

    Welded Pitman arm, Saginaw box

    I got to meet a fellow MI Cruiser owner yesterday. He has a really nice truck that he bought from someone in WA. As I was checking it out I noticed that the pitman arm on the Saginaw steering box looked like the drag link side (front to rear portion) of the stock 40 center link. My gut...
  7. B

    Saginaw PS Pump Troubleshooting Help

    Wanted to start a new thread as I'm not sure if the old Saginaw thread is getting a lot of views. Finally!!!! Saginaw PS pump conversion kit for FJ60s!!!!! So a little back story decided to replace my PS pump and put in the Saginaw conversion. Install went smoothly no issues however on the...
  8. Swannie

    Pitman Arm Tie Rod End for Saginaw steering

    Looking for some assistance!!! I am replacing both ends of my tie rod and of my drag link on my 76 - 40 Series with NAPA parts for that year. The only one not matching up, of coarse, is the tie rod end that connects to my saginaw steering pitman arm. Can someone point me in the right...
  9. Slow85

    Converted over to Saginaw pump Problems!!!

    So after a long conversion process and finally getting everything on and all old brackets off and many trips to the parts store for belts and miscellaneous parts. I get the pump on hooked up looks beautiful bleed the lines even though I know my fluid was good Jack the front end up start to turn...
  10. P

    Napa or O`Reillys part number for a Saginaw p/s pump?

    Can anyone provide a part number for a Saginaw p/s pump? If I can trust my ears I’m pretty sure I’ll need to buy a replacement in the near future…. I think I’m hearing bearing noise or something. What do I ask for at the friendly local auto parts store? Thanks, Polo
  11. Jarhead0802

    Saginaw gear box clearance issue with greasable shackles

    While correcting one of the many short-cut modification done by the previous owner, I noticed that the Saginaw power steering box frame placement seems a bit off i.e., top greasable shackle is blocked by the steering box. On my last rig, I installed a mini-truck steering box so my Saginaw...
  12. K

    Wanted Saginaw steering parts- frame plates, steering shaft etc.

    I am looking for a frame plate set, preferably the 4x4labs one. Also looking for the steering shaft, u-joints and pass through/bulkhead joint. I'd also take a pitman arm that can be or is already reamed for 1-ton TRE. Please PM me if you have anything.
  13. Lou the fj60

    saginaw ps pump on fj60

    recently my smog pump seized because of a leaking ps pump, ive head of people converting them to saginaw pumps. can i use the original brackets or do i need new ones?( where do i get them) what did you get it for ive heard that the volvo 240 works good but i dont know what year or how to hook it...
  14. monroeshton

    Saginaw Conversion questions

    So I'm new here. Hi guys. My '84 FJ60 (F2 motor) just recently had the inevitable smog pump failure, and I didn't have the money on hand to buy a new pump or an idler pulley kit to replace the smog pump (My state is lenient on emissions and I don't need the smog system). What I wound up doing...
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