1. Ruquik

    SOLD  Florida: 4 Rock Warrior and 33” Nitto grappler combo

    4 Rock warriors wrapped in 285/70r17 Nitto Ridge grapplers. 10-13/32nds tread left. No plug or patches. I Cleaned up the caps and touched up the red with automotive flow pen. Personally just like my polished pro comps more and wanted to give 35s a go. Text or call 302-258-5271 $1300 Brad
  2. DasKeyserSoze

    SOLD  Mead, OK: Set of 5 RockWarriors (PowderCoated Black) with TPMS, Lugs, Center Caps, and 33" Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Getting new wheels/tires while passing through Mead, OK (coming from San Diego, CA), so ideal for PickUp in Mead, OK. Tires have about 10k miles on very good condition; ~90% tread. Asking $1800
  3. Markuson

    SOLD  TRD Rock Warriors (4)

    Very nice set of 4. San Diego. $1100 I have new center caps on the way, which you can add at cost ($70) if you like. Without new caps: Here is how they look if you want new caps: Others will look like above, but here they are with existing caps. On this wheel, you can see a slight blemish...
  4. Markuson

    SOLD  *NICE* Rock Warriors

    (Available with or without tires) These are as nice a set of Rock Warriors as I’ve ever seen other than new in box. -3k miles only, then garaged since. -Brand new center caps (cost $70 & are included) -Brand new ring screws ($100+ & are included) -BFG KOs in 285/70/17 so few miles they have...
  5. Ali M

    Toyos 285/17/75 or KO2 285/17/70 on RWs?

    Just got my hands on RW set that came with 37s that I couldn't pass it on but I am not that crazy yet to install them without a lift. In the next few months I plan to switch to BP-51 with KDSS relo from Slee but until then I am thinking of putting Toyo's 285/17/75 on stock height on these...
  6. lhommec13


    I purchased a full set of four in order to get one for my matching spare, so I have 3 singles for sale. Overall condition 9/10. No nicks or gouges. Center caps look brand new. Very light scuffing here and there on the bead lock rings, which I think actually occurred in the box given how...
  7. Markuson

    RW Wheel Paint Match?

    Scratched up a couple wheels pretty nicely in Moab last Smmer... **Has anyone found a *touch-up paint* that closely matches the factory Rock Warrior wheel color? I don't mind scratching them up, but figure I'd try a bit of touch up paint on the deep scrapes where the color is gone. If it...
  8. Markuson

    For Sale  Rock Warriors: SOLD

    NOTE! :-/ Rock Warriors are sold. It all got confusing when a response I made to a guy looking for Rock Warriors got moved to Classified section by the moderator--which I've never used or seen before. In the mean time, I was getting inquiry from several sources and I screwed it up. I'm...
  9. CLHickman

    2013 LX 570 Rock Warrior Install

    Hey all, We've been sitting on a set of Rock Warrior's for about a month now. Work and life have been rather busy with a new move. Anyway, I'm looking at finally installing the set with BFG KO2 in 285/70R17 Curious, should I pickup any spacers or can I bolt directly on? I'm not a wheel/tire...
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