running lights

  1. airon23

    For Sale  [Prices Slashed] FJ40 Miscellaneous Parts (and FJ60 steering parts)

    [UPDATED Jan. 15] Updated with what's been sold Time to give back to the Landcruiser Community, and by give I mean sell. I'm cleaning out the shed of some old parts I've collected over the years from MUDers and just random purchases. All proceeds will go to my continued FJ40 addiction. I...
  2. CHS78FJ40

    Running Lights - beyond the fuse.....

    Running lights went out yesterday - no big deal, right..... grab a new fuse and swap it out. Wrong - fuse was blown - 15A glass fuse - replaced it no problem. Still no lights. (Headlights and brake lights still work - just no front or rear running lights) New owner of my '78 FJ40 - bought from...
  3. M

    Daylight Running Lights Fuse for 1999 TLC

    My daylight running lights are out on my 99 TLC. Anyone know which fuse to look for? Just haven't peeked inside the fuse box yet...Thanks
  4. perk

    Running lights won't turn off

    Went outside after a day of rain to find the running lights on, and won't turn off. Light switch was in the auto position. Ive had a small leak for a while that I think is from sunroof, which is inoperable. I'm guessing the leak is the cause. I couldn't find the fuse for the running lights, so i...
  5. cody c

    Looking for DRL schematic, no running lights in back (92FJ)

    Anyone have or know where to find the electrical schematics for my early FJ80? Rear running lights not working, might have to splice some wiring in or something. Thanks!
  6. M

    Front Running lights driving me insane

    Hello All - I was hoping your could help with what has become a version of torture. I have a '72 FJ40 that is in pretty good shape. I decided to update the lighting on the beast and replace the running lights, dash bulbs, turning signal indicators (in the cab) with LED - wich work perfectly...
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