rock slider

  1. DPA200

    200 favorite Rock Sliders

    Looking for a vote on the best sliders for the 200 series. I know there are quite a few threads on this over the years but being that I'm currently in the market to finally ditch my running boards...i thought id make a new updated thread with a Poll. Let me know if i'm missing any good...
  2. warmachine

    Wanted  Lift kit for GX470

    Looking for a lightly used lift kit for a GX470. 2.5" will be perfect. Also looking for rock sliders too non kdss. Ready to buy!!!!
  3. Green80Series

    White Knuckle Offroad Rock Slider Install

    Here's a little video my friend and I made installing some White Knuckle Offroad rock sliders on my 80 series. Let me know what ya think!


    Just breaking my sliders out from the bumper thread. Getting confusing.... HA! All are bolt-on Pricing and Options are on the Cruiser Mart site now. SLIDERS--Featured Products 3" x 2" x .188" rectangle main rail 1-5/8" x .120" round rub rail 1-1/2" x .188" frame legs 1/4" laser cut gussets...
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