road noise

  1. DuckLN

    Wet streets = road noise from way back

    is there some rubber that needs to be replaced? Every time it rains, the sound you hear while driving makes you think the rear hatch was left open. I know im not alone in this but is there something i can replace to fix it?
  2. C

    Loud Road Noise or Normal???

    I grew up driving our FJ60 as a teenager when it was new and was finally given it to fix up for ourselves. Now that I got it going everything seems to sound like I could remember but some of my friends with Jeeps think the noise coming through the floor from the transmission is excessive and...
  3. BGlynn19

    '74 FJ40 Road Noise

    I started to have really bad road noise from 45-60 mph. It isn't very noticeable above or below that. It also goes away completely when steering to the left or right. The tires are 33" but I have had them for a while and they didn't make this amount of noise before. I did recently change the lug...
  4. G

    Best General Use tire for 200

    Hi All, I'm currently shopping for a used 200 to build a bit. It'll be a daily driver/road tripper with 90%+ onroad. I've had trucks with mud tires in the past, but it's been a long while and at the time, I don't think road noise or comfort was a concern anyway. My question is what tire best...
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